Ella, a scenic destination

You must take a tour of the renowned Ceylon tea industry in Ella if you’re in this charming Sri Lankan town. There are numerous farms in the region that you can visit, and Sri Lankan tea is well-known throughout the world. One of the several tea factories in Nuwara Eliya can be visited on a day trip from Ella. Experience the finest of Ella at these tea factories, from selecting the leaves to going on a tasting tour. Don’t pass up a chance to discover one of Ella’s most fascinating tourist destinations.

Travelers to Sri Lanka frequently engage in hiking and trekking, particularly if they are in Ella. One of the most significant achievements for hikers and trekkers is reaching Ella Rock. Although Ella Rock’s vantage points are spectacular, climbing the summit takes around two hours. To avoid the crowds and enjoy the views without any problems or distractions, it is preferable to visit early in the morning.

One of the top Ella attractions is the Diyaluma Falls, which is famed for being Sri Lanka’s second-highest waterfall. Explore the several natural pools of Diyaluma Falls, which are a little over an hour’s drive from Ella. Swimming in the natural pools is a great way to enjoy nature’s best enchantment.

The well-known Ravana Waterfall must be seen when sightseeing in Ella. Located within ten minutes from the city center, it is one of the primary waterfalls to see in Ella. Near the waterfall site, there are also tents erected up along with food stands and gift shops. The location is ideal for spending time with friends and family, despite the beautiful views.

When visiting Sri Lanka, you may want to venture off the usual path. One of the best sites to visit in Ella is the Demodara Nine Arch Bridge, therefore move in that direction. You can buy a drink up in the hills at one of the cafés as you wait to wave at the passing train after walking through the woods for 30 minutes to reach a stunning piece of architecture concealed between luscious green tea farms. It’s worth it for the sights!

The Nine Arches Bridge, often referred to as Ahas Namaye Palama or The Bridge in the Sky, is a famous building that can be found in Sri Lanka’s hilly Ella district. Beautiful mountains in the distance frame the majestic stone bridge, which was constructed amidst verdant tea plantations. This 91-meter-long and 24-meter-tall old building never cease to astonish visitors with its beauty.

The Ravana cave and Ravana waterfall are situated at an elevation of 82 feet and are only 2 km from Ella City. Sri Lanka has a long history that goes back more than 2000 years, and it is mentioned in the well-known Ramayana. Ravana is thought to have been a devout Sri Lankan by birth and acted as a villain in the lives of Ram and Sita. In the well-known Ravana caverns and the Ravana falls, he kidnaps Sita and held her captive. Slopes, valleys, hills, and streams that adorn the rocks make up the landscapes surrounding the Ravana Falls.