Sustainable energy is more than a concept for businesses

World energy consumption is continuing to rise, and global power generation is responsible for more pollution than any other single activity. Virtually all regions of the world have renewable energy sources, and businesses need to become leaders in the renewable energy movement, in order to preserve our environment for generations to come. The importance of our environment should not be overlooked, and the potential benefits of thinking sustainably are quantifiable.

There are many advantages to using renewable energy sources for businesses, such as marketing opportunities, reduction of emissions, lower energy costs, and many others. The impact these sources can have on the environment should not be overlooked. A key concept to think about is how not all renewable sources are economically feasible at the current time and need major development to become widely used by companies around the world. Although there has been great progress in some renewable sources, more progress must be made to increase the possibility of these sources producing the energy that is required around the globe.

Future generations depend on us acting on this problem now, to ensure the longevity of a clean atmosphere and diverse ecosystems. Although some technology needs research and development, I believe more renewable energy projects need to be implemented around the world. By increasing the number of renewable projects, more money will be invested into this field, increasing the amount of research and progress that can be made. Businesses need to take the lead in becoming more sustainable, by increasing their renewable energy use. Corporations need to become leaders in making this change because the amount of energy they use is undeniably more than the energy used personally.

There are multiple environmental benefits that result from converting to renewable sources, but businesses have to consider the economic implications of doing so. The environmental effects fossil fuels have on the world are becoming drastically worse as time moves forward, and changes need to be made now before these effects become irreversible. Businesses’ becoming environmentally aware is extremely important to me, because they have the capability to cause significant change amongst the population.

The use of fossil fuels over the past century has caused a dramatic increase in greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere, and corporations are a huge contributor to the problem. These businesses have the ability to lower their emissions by implementing renewable sources and can set an example for other businesses. The advantages in becoming a sustainable business outweigh the negative economic possibilities, such as initial costs and maintenance factors. Businesses need to realize that they have the power to make a dire change in how the world uses energy. The environmental benefits from using renewable sources instead of fossil fuels are endless, and the importance of this topic cannot be overlooked.

With sunlight, wind, geothermal, and hydrological power capabilities in nearly all corners of the world, the importance of harnessing this power can change the planet. The possibilities of renewable energy are endless while remaining clean and beneficial to the environment. Human populations will use mass quantities of energy every year regardless, and where this energy comes from influences the world of tomorrow.

There has been major progress in the use of renewable energy, with hydroelectric, wind, and solar as the leading renewable sources. We need to deviate from fossil fuels in order to become a more sustainable world. Solar energy has the potential to supply 69% of total electricity needs by 2050, and by 2100, will have the potential to supply 90% of our energy needs. Knowing that renewable sources have the potential to completely replace fossil fuels should be enough for people to pursue more research and funding for the development of these technologies.

The importance of renewable energy has in regards to the preservation of the environment should not be overlooked. Companies are beginning to realize the positive benefits renewable energy can have on its reduction of costs, as well as marketing advantages, and sustainable business practices are on the rise. Consumers are becoming more environmentally aware and have growing concerns about future generations, and are starting to reward companies that have ecological outlooks.